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The Myth about Pit-bulls

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

A person going through a divorce often will say they want a “pit-bull” as a lawyer.  A “pit-bull” attorney will battle everything out in court.  She will bury the other side with discovery and spend hours arguing with opposing counsel.  This will all be at your expense.  The judge will ultimately decide the case and more often than not, there will not be a clear winner or loser.  At the end of this battle you and your spouse will likely be so angry with one another that there will be little hope to have any civilized relationship going forward. If children are involved, you will not know how to effectively co-parent and your children will continue to suffer the trauma and stress a divorce brings.


A collaborative lawyer is a different kind of advocate.  As opposed to a “pit-bull” attorney that applies hard-ball tactics, a collaborative lawyer utilizes interest-based negotiation techniques to assist the couple in reaching a resolution without conflict.  A collaboratively-trained team will help you and your spouse reach an agreement in a series of confidential meetings set in a respectful and civilized environment. At the end of the case, you will be divorced on you and your spouse’s terms.  If you have children, the collaborative process will likely create a solid foundation for your future as co-parents.  As a result, your children will have the benefit of having parents who love them and do not hate each other.

Amy Connolly Photo

Amy Connolly, Esq.

 Attorney Amy Connolly is a collaborative divorce lawyer with Russman Law in Exeter, N.H.

Overview of the Collaborative Process

Monday, April 15th, 2013

The Collaborative process enables couples to settle the terms of their divorce amicably and completely outside of court. Both parties have their own lawyers by their side every step of the way and both lawyers are 100% committed to settlement, not warfare. Along with the lawyers, the parties have the support of a neutral financial expert and an impartial coach. These supporting professionals enhance the participants’ knowledge and communication, thereby helping the parties resolve their disputes more equitably, quickly and efficiently than they would in a litigated, court-based process. This non-adversarial approach honors the choice the parties made to once get married, while helping them move forward and transition to their new lives, both financially and emotionally. Finally, the Collaborative process prioritizes the needs of children, who research indicates do best when parents work together to minimize their conflicts.


As co-chair of the Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire, I am thrilled to welcome you to for our newest Website enhancement – THE CLANH BLOG! Visit us regularly to learn more about the Collaborative process.

Lisa Forberg, Esq.

Lisa Forberg, Esq.

 Attorney Lisa Forberg is a collaborative divorce lawyer with Forberg Law in Manchester, N.H.