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The Limits of Mediation

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Many people confuse the Collaborative Process with Mediation. While the Collaborative divorce has aspects of mediation in it, the main difference is that with the Collaborative Process, both parties are fully represented by their own lawyer/advocates from start to finish. The lawyers in the Collaborative Process are there to look out for the best interest of their respective clients, but not to belittle, bash, “position against” or cross-examine the other spouse.

Having a lawyer by your side at all times means that knowledge or power imbalances in the marriage will be corrected so that informed and durable decisions will be made. Where one spouse has been the main bread-winner, or may own a business or have a complicated wage and benefit structure, mediation without the constant advice and involvement of an attorney on your side, can result in less than optimal agreements. Being fully represented by an attorney who is committed to a no-court settlement provides the best of both worlds between the mediation and the litigation process choices.

Lisa Forberg, Esq.

Lisa Forberg, Esq.

Attorney Lisa Forberg is a collaborative divorce lawyer with Forberg Law in Manchester, N.H. 

The date of the Annual Meeting has changed!

Friday, September 5th, 2014
  1. The date of the Annual Meeting has changed! Disregard the previous announcement about September 23. The new date is Tuesday October 7, at the McLane law firm’s Manchester office. We had to change the date to accommodate our guest speaker, which leads me to the second big announcement…
  2. Liz Ferris, an internationally-known collaborative marketing expert, will give us a presentation on growing your collaborative practice. Some members may recall that CLANH and the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council co-hosted a presentation by Liz about ten years ago. It was very well received and we are thrilled to bring her back. You can learn more about Liz at her website:  which includes some thoughtful blog posts about marketing a collaborative practice. For example: