Liz Ferris Speaks at CLANH Annual Meeting About Strategies for Growing Your Collaborative Practice

Top Ten Strategies for Growing your Collaborative Practice


1.      Master the initial client consultation.

2.      Attend ongoing training and practice group meetings to improve skills and competence.

Client focus:

3.      Focus on the client experience and exceptional client value.  (Seek client feedback)


4.      Develop and maintain an effective web site and blog to educate and inform clients on the value of Collaborative Practice. Post informative podcasts (attached is a podcast on describing collaborative practice) and the IACP video on your website


5.      Update your website bio and all online profiles, including Avvo and LinkedIn to include the value you provide clients versus a description of “what you do”.


6.      Maintain visibility with the public through your LinkedIn profile, articles, blogs and press releases.


Go to LinkedIn and view profiles for Janis Pritchard, Jason Sposeep and Robert Merlin


7.      Build and maintain a strong professional network of lawyers, mental health , financial and business professionals.

8.      Contribute and actively participate in the your collaborative community.


9.      Clarify your vision for your practice. What do you want to be known for? What problems do you excel at solving? Who are your best clients? Use your vision as an inspiration for scheduling the time to market your collaborative practice and attend practice group meetings and ongoing trainings. (See attached worksheet )

10.     Make a commitment and be accountable for executing your plan.