Will having a Collaborative team increase the costs of my divorce?

Will having a Collaborative team increase the costs of my divorce?


No, for three reasons:


  1. The neutrals are specialists in what they do;
  2. Their hourly rates are lower than lawyers’; and
  3. The costs of the neutrals are generally split.


The coach is a licensed mental health professional with training and experience in relationships, communication, and conflict resolution. The coach has a neutral role, helping to prepare you for the settlement meetings by reducing misunderstandings and emotional intensity; as well as helping each of you to identify and express your needs and concerns.  Having a coach facilitate difficult conversations and negotiations helps the meetings to be more productive, reducing legal fees. Most important, a coach increases the likelihood of creating a mutually satisfying agreement.


The financial professional has training and experience in budgeting, taxes, and planning for your financial future. This knowledge allows him/her to help you understand your current financial situation, your options within the divorce process, and your future needs. As the financial professional is neutral, you and your spouse will have the same financial information. Without the financial professional, each of the lawyers would be spending time on financial calculations and education, which the neutral can do more efficiently.


This blog post was created by the Members of the Souhegan Valley Practice Group: Honey Hastings, W. John Dulmage and Anne Parsons.