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Timing of Divorce in Preparation for College

October 12th, 2014

As couples with teenage children are considering divorce,  one of the things to think about is the timing of the divorce.  We have always considered the timing of divorce as this impacts the parties’ ability to file a joint income tax return.  However, I had never considered how this might impact their children’s ability to get financial aid.  I recently came across a post from Robert Bordett, a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Financial Read more…

The Limits of Mediation

September 24th, 2014

Many people confuse the Collaborative Process with Mediation. While the Collaborative divorce has aspects of mediation in it, the main difference is that with the Collaborative Process, both parties are fully represented by their own lawyer/advocates from start to finish. The lawyers in the Collaborative Process are there to look out for the best interest of their respective clients, but not to belittle, bash, “position against” or cross-examine the other spouse. Having a lawyer by Read more…

The date of the Annual Meeting has changed!

September 5th, 2014

The date of the Annual Meeting has changed! Disregard the previous announcement about September 23. The new date is Tuesday October 7, at the McLane law firm’s Manchester office. We had to change the date to accommodate our guest speaker, which leads me to the second big announcement… Liz Ferris, an internationally-known collaborative marketing expert, will give us a presentation on growing your collaborative practice. Some members may recall that CLANH and the Massachusetts Collaborative Read more…

News Radio Talk Show: CLANH Members Speak About Collaborative Process

August 22nd, 2014

Listen to Marc A. Hebert, MS, CFP discuss The Process of Collaborative Divorce with CLANH members Vickie Worrad, CPA, CFP;  Karen Ela Kenny, Mental Health Collaborative, PLLC; and Lisa B. Forberg, Forberg Law, PLLC. *From Marc’s Saturday, August 9th 2014 show on Seacoast News Radio 96.7.  

CLANH Receives Grant from International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

August 18th, 2014

The Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire is pleased to announce that it received a grant from the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP). The grant was awarded by the IACP’s Task Force on Access to Collaboration, and will be used to support the development of a New Hampshire program aimed at providing collaborative services to low income clients. Attorney David Sayward of Salem, NH chairs a committee of energetic volunteers who are hard at Read more…

Save the Date for CLANH’s Annual Meeting! Tuesday, September 23

August 16th, 2014

CLANH’s Board of Directors invites all members to attend the annual meeting on Tuesday, September 23, 2014, from 5 to 7 pm. The meeting will be held at the McLane law firm’s Manchester office, 900 Elm Street, 10th floor. Please take advantage of this opportunity to meet your fellow collaborative practitioners. The Board is hard at work preparing an interesting and educational program for the meeting, and looks forward to seeing you there.

The “Conscious Uncoupling” of Gwyneth and Chris’s Split and the Collaborative Process

April 30th, 2014

Perhaps you have read recently in the New York Times about Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s decision to split using therapist Katherine Woodward Thomas’s process of “conscious uncoupling.” Conscious uncoupling is a therapeutic process that honors the history of the marriage and helps to preserve the relationship for future co-parenting. As the originator of the term said recently when interviewed on the Internet:   ‘I think most of us are pretty familiar with an antagonistic, Read more…

Turning Shame into S-H-A-R-E

April 1st, 2014

The sadness we feel for our children as we prepare to separate is grounded in reality; research is clear that divorce can have a negative emotional effect on children, in both the short and long term. While this is devastating, the research is also clear that divorce in itself is not the only factor that predicts negative emotional effects, especially in the long term; denial of parental relationship, decreased resources for caregiving parents; negative emotion Read more…

How Collaborative Law can help “Older” Couples too

March 16th, 2014

About 45% of marriages are expected to end through divorce says a 2010 report making the United States the highest divorce rate in the world.  The divorce rate among middle-aged and older adults has doubled over the past two decades. A recent National Public Radio story on All Things Considered featured a piece on older Americans divorcing and the support that is out there to help them through the process. One of the most rewarding Collaborative Read more…

CLANH Partners with Massachusetts Practice Groups for Joint Meeting

March 4th, 2014

On Wednesday, April 16 members of the New Hampshire and Massachusetts collaborative communities will gather at the McLane law firm’s office in Woburn, MA for networking and an informative presentation. Attorney Karen Levitt and psychologist Gina Arons will present “I’ve Got a Secret: The Impact of Privilege, Transparency and Confidentiality on the Collaborative Team”.   Location: McLane law firm, 300 Trade Center, Suite 7000, Woburn MA (for GPS use 100 Sylvan Rd.) Date: April 16, Read more…