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Agreeing on divorce effective dates and IRS taxes

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Collaborative law allows couples to come up with creative solutions to tax and health insurance concerns.

By agreement, a couple may agree to have their divorce effective “on or after 1 January” of the following year.

This is most common in the fall of the year, when January is just a few months away.

Why would people do this? The most common reason is to allow filing taxes as married, which is possible if the couple is still married at the end of 31 December. In some other cases, maintaining health insurance until the end of the year is a reason.


Attorney Honey Hastings

Attorney Honey Hastings

Attorney Hastings is a collaborative divorce lawyer with Honey Hastings, Counselors at Law in Wilton, N.H.


How Collaborative Law can help “Older” Couples too

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

About 45% of marriages are expected to end through divorce says a 2010 report making the United States the highest divorce rate in the world.  The divorce rate among middle-aged and older adults has doubled over the past two decades.

A recent National Public Radio story on All Things Considered featured a piece on older Americans divorcing and the support that is out there to help them through the process.

One of the most rewarding Collaborative divorces that I have been privileged to be a part of involved a long term marriage where the children had already left the home and had families of their own.  There are many emotional concerns that older couples face such as retirement planning, health care costs, paying off their children’s college debt and living alone after being in a marriage for almost half their lifetime. 

The Collaborative Process is designed to meet the couple’s needs.  Having a Financial Neutral to help paint the economic picture of life after divorce can be not only educational but a huge relief to know there is a plan in place.  The Mental Health Coach helps facilitate this process at a pace comfortable to the parties.

With the rising rates of divorce for older couples, the Collaborative Process is proving to be the most compassionate and supportive way to help these individuals move on to the next phase of their life.

Attorney Kate Morneau

Attorney Katherine Morneau

Attorney Katherine Morneau is a collaborative divorce lawyer with Morneau Law in Nashua, N.H.