Collaborative Law Alliance – Mentor/Mentee Forms

Are you a CLANH member, just entering the field, and looking for some guidance and collegial support?

Are you an experienced CLANH member willing to share your knowledge and help enhance the professional competency of fellow practitioners?

Consider the Mentor/Mentee Program!

In the spirit of the collaborative process, CLANH is dedicated to creating a “learning community” in which professionals collaborate to share knowledge.  The program is designed to assist members who are new to the collaborative divorce process and are looking for some advice and support as they work through a case. Mentees are paired with a seasoned CLANH professional in their discipline who can offer their experience and knowledge throughout the case.

Mentoring in Collaborative Practice will help us develop and retain the next generation of skilled practitioners and leaders, as well as promote excellence in the practice. The public will benefit from enhanced service and greater access to the best collaborative practices.